Renault master heater blower repair

I have a 2006 Renault master DCI 100 2.5 liter diesel van and the heater blower only works on high speed. Here is how to fix it. With pictures.

All it takes about 20 minutes or so depending how handy you are. First you have to take the blower motor out. Remove the single screw holding it in place and twist it counter clock wise and it comes out.

renault master heater blower repair
This is where the blower motor sits and behind it is the heater resistor pack in the smaller square hole

Next, behind it you’ll see the heater blower resistor pack. (white plastic with a wire connector) Twist it a quarter turn clock wise and it falls out. To put it back,¬†twist it the other way.

renault master heater blower resistor
Twist it out clock wise





When it’s out look at it and you’ll see 3 coils in it, those are the resistor coils. Leave them alone. Look in the cage inside on the top and you’ll see a watch spring looking metal piece. That’s the one half of the heat resistor that has separated from the lower part of it.

renault master heater blower resistor
This the metal strip on the top.

Now look at the other side of the cage and you’ll see the lower part of it where it separated from.

renault master heater blower resistor
This is the lowe rpart

You can see where the top springy metal separated from. Press down through the hole on the top on that metal and press it against the lower half. That’s how you have to solder it together.

renault master heater blower resistor
Solder them together

Just like you see it on the photo solder the heater resistor together and you’ll have all of your heater blower speed working on your renault master. This is what you need for the job.

renault master heater blower repair tools
This is all you need for the renault master heater blower speed repair

Good Luck Ya’ll


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