Ebay Unpaid Item Strike

Since Ebay has got rid of the buyers feedback the number of unpaid items has grown which is a pain in the b**t for sellers as they get charged the fee by Ebay

Beware of Ebay Cheating

Like every auction site Ebay too is not free of cheating. The elimination of the buyers feedback made it even worse. The only recourse for the sellers in the

Ebay Scam Emails

Ebay is no exception of these scam senders. Here is an email I have recently gotten from one of these trash people and it’s very convincing.

Royal Mail Losing Parcels

In reality this is not so. At the post office the girl was almost insisting I send my parcels “special delivery” (cost even more money). I asked her why? She said because if they get lost, the post office won’t give me a penny because they can’t trace them. Hmmm It’s a bummer isn’t it? You pay extra to require a signature when delivered, yet they don’t guarantee it’s arrival.