Adsense Income

Adsense is Google’s advertising. Meaning if you have a website or a Blog you can sign up with Google as an affiliate and place their ads on your Blog or website and when someone clicks on one of the ads you’ll get a small percentage.

Most adsense affiliates use three types of ads on their site. Text, Image, or both. You can select that at the time when you are getting the ad code on the adsense page.

Which adsense ad to use on your blog or website?

That depends where do you want to place it. In between text or on the side.

In between text, -like in an article, you should only place the text ads, but on the side you can either use text or image or both. Why? Because the ads are relevant to your articles (text) content.

Look at the ads on this page for an example. It’s all text ads in the text area giving you several choices you can click on. If they were image ads, they might increase visibility of the spot, but only one advertiser. If adsense don’t have a relevant image ad, you will be served with something else and totally irrelevant to the content of your page.

Whatever your text says the ads will reflect on that. In an article the image ads are usually some generic  one liners if you will, displaying one subject from one advertiser, but the text ads are displaying ads from several advertisers.

Image ads on the side are more fitting, because they fill the space and also drawing attention as the eye wonders on the screen.

Text ads in the article body will make you more money than image ads.


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