Google Image Search Junk

What a shock I’ve got when recently wanted to search for images on Google.

looking glassLast week or so they have changed the image search format to a blob of nothing really. Useless to anyone with a good sense.

In the past if I was looking for something and had I had no idea what it looked like, I just went to Google image search, typed the name in and looked it up to see what it looks like.

Now I have no idea what am I looking at when I try to use it.

The older style image search had descriptive text under the images. Say you were looking for a 2011 Ford diesel pump. The images came up and included not only ford but other type of diesel pumps, but they’ve had a descriptive tag saying what it’s for, what it is that do and what application is used for.

Now they have nothing but the name of a website and you have to click on the image to get a larger image and than go to the site if you want to know what it is.

USELESS  as far as I am and I am sure millions and millions of other would be Google image search users are concerned. Considering the time it takes to load a webpage and the aggravation of not being the right image it is useless.

By the time you would find what you are looking for days have to pass and there is a good chance you still won’t find it.

So I am using Yahoo Image Search which isn’t as good as Goggle used to be but close enough to be able to find what I am looking for.

Or you can try typing in “image or photo or picture search and choose from the available websites that gather images from the web.

I am using Yahoo to search for images because it’s easy to use and gives good results and descriptive information for the images.

For now I am avoiding Google as a rash when I want to see an image of something. We’ll see in the future if they’ll fix this major major bug in the Google system and perhaps come up with something that is more usable.

With their recent changes of algorithms and trying to be a leader of the web they sure make some major mistakes. Don’t matter because they are still big and the most used, but with something like this major blunder they are giving people a chance to look for alternatives and some of those will stay with the alternatives, once they’ll figure out how to use them.

It’s like driving a certain brand of car and you swear by it but for some reason you are gonna drive a different brand and your next purchase will be that because just as good or better.

Same with Goggle. There are others that do the same and some of them are better and more to the point.

Other Google blunder is the recent algorithms change trying to weed out the “bad” sites. Yet and ehow and some of these came to the front of searches with their many many unanswered one liners. It’s a pain to weed trough them and I usually just avoid those pages, because not much useful information on them. Yet they’ve (Google) managed to push some of the good informative pages to the back of the search results where no body looks at them, like on the 100th page or even beyond.

All in the name of quality control. I would rather have the old quality pages back then these new Google quality pages. They at least had some usable information.


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