High Ebay fees and Corporate Scams

After reading this blog you might understand why ebay fees are so high and how corporations (especially US corporations where only the money matters and nothing else) are screwing people and shareholders.  Shawn’s story lets us a rare look into a typical corporate money making scam.

Ebay is one of the most known company in the world and it’s success relies on the millions of people visiting it and using it. “Driving traffic” to it’s site is the most important to any online business. Ebay is not different. But what annoys me and I am sure many others is the way they enforce their Term Of Service is applied to one group and how is it applied to another.

I don’t think Shawn did anything wrong tho because his motivation was curiosity and adventure. Curious to see if he can do it, and adventurous as to handling the challenge. Just as Ebay, he too was playing a game of -lets see if we can do it better. Ebay clearly used psychological manipulation, building on his feelings of righteousness.

Anyway the story is educational, motivational and interesting.

All the best to you Shawn and thanx for the insight into the dirty world of corporatism!!!

I am sure many of the corporations are employing scams far larger than what you read in that blog. Most of it we’ll never know or hear about.


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