I need a Job

I Need a Job

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If you have lost your job and can’t find another one for some reason, perhaps it’s time to think about what are you good at, or what would you like to do.

Here is what I did when I’ve got sick of office work and wanted to do something else. This method can be used just about anywhere in the world for almost any profession.

With today’s economy, due to the population increase, computerisation, profit chasing  and corporate greed, you might not have a choice but to be more creative. All of these above, results in job losses and unemployment.

If you are really good at something, your choice might be given. If you need to change this guide might help you.

While I was in sales, one of the trainers said, “if you hate working, get a piece of paper and divide it into two parts. On one side write down what would you like to do and on the other side out of those write down what would you enjoy doing and choose one of those fields”.  He said, “if you enjoy doing something you are not working and the money becomes a by-product of your activity”. (Just like a hobby for an example. You enjoy doing it so you don’t even notice time going by) He was right. I have been following this advice for the past 20 years.  I enjoy working for myself, I enjoy working on houses, I enjoy the internet.

So here is what I did.

A friend of mine was a contractor with three kids and the stay at home wife. I’ve figured if he can do it, I can too. So I thought of what would be an easy start to get into working on houses and I came up with painting. It’s easy to start and don’t need a lot of money, yet it’s profitable from the first job on.

So I’ve placed a short ad in the local paper that said the following. “The Painters Company, One room or whole house, Low Prices, and my telephone number”. This was it. I was running this simple ad every day in the paper for years.

He had loaned me a a canvas, a roller and two brushes and a small step ladder. I’ve got my first call two days later and after giving an estimate I’ve got the job. Small job, just a kitchen to paint, but it was a profit a of $130 dollars. Took me 3 days to do it, because I had no experience and wanted to make it nice.

In three weeks I’ve had so much work, I had to hire a helper and he knew more than I did and I was learning  from him. In two months, I’ve had a crew of five working for me, and I was earning about $400 dollars per day in profit. The calls kept coming in and I was giving out the estimates and getting the jobs. Painting houses inside outside and also offices and smaller commercial buildings.

Later on I’ve done the same with remodeling bathrooms.

There is a huge demand for tradesman. People are going to universities and getting paper pushing diplomas and they need someone to fix their needs. There are more and more older people (thanx to medicines and technology) that can’t do it any longer. There are single mothers and women (yeah divorce becoming a norm) that can’t do it themselves.

These are all people that have the money and need someone to fix the leaky tap or paint the walls. Someone to do their bookkeeping or to mend their needs. They have the money and provide the need. All you have to do is to advertise your services and they’ll find you.


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