Insurance companies sells drivers details in UK

Car Insurance is very expensive in the UK.

Yet the Insurance companies are selling drivers details to make even more money, according to Daily Mail .

Encouraging law firms and injury lawyers to contact people who suffers some sort of car accident to try  to talk them into filing compensation claims.

Car drivers are already paying through the nose in Britain for the car insurance thanx to the faceless skinless scamer rampant running British insurance industry. Read this article to see how much is an average British driver pays for their annual car insurance.

I think every sane person would see and discover the horrendous prices these scam companies are charging for honest people.  Channel five news UK said in their today’s news;  insurance claims are 25 % lower now than they were 5 years ago, yet premiums are 40% higher. Hmmmm I wonder how far the rates should go back down? I think they should go down a whole lot.

The more claims these scammers  encourage people to file the more money they make. Why? Because they raise the premiums right away. The car is junk, according to them, not worth fixing it thus the driver is forced to get another car. The insurance on the new car will be higher by an average of 40% or more making back the “loss” to these scammers many folds in the coming years.

Friend of mine had a flat tire and the car spun into the farmers field as the result. The insurance company scrapped the £3,000 pound car saying not worth the repair. (the car had roughly £400 pounds worth of repair on it if I put a £50 pounds tip on top of the bill).  His insurance rate on the next car increased by 40% .

When he purchased  his next car, the scammers told him they won’t insure him because he drove into a ditch. There was no ditch but a flat tire and he slid into the farmers field, yet they put it done in their report as he drove into a ditch.

The good thing about British insurance companies is that they don’t have a central database. There is only a handful of insurance companies and the rest of them are nothing but brokers. So when someone buys another car, they can just deny they had any kind of accident. their rate on the new car gonna be either lower or higher, depending on the many stupid and scam qualifications the insurers put on their application form, and the kind of car the person buys.

When you go to a broker they have no idea you just had an accident so you get their “best” price. The paperwork stays in their own office and not going to the insurance company, unless the person files a claim. The brokers are authorized by the insurance companies to give a certificate of insurance.

So the few real insurance companies that operates in Britain will have no idea someone had just denied they’ve had an accident. Of course this supposed to be a crime, but what crime? Isn’t it a crime what the insurers do? Increasing premiums based upon speculation?

Selling paranoia to governments  claiming if paranoid claims, making car insurance mandatory?  “if someone hits my car why should I pay”? On the same term house insurance should be mandatory too, because what if I am a pyromaniac and burn my house down damaging my neighbor’s. Or I am gonna flood my bath tub and damaging my neighbor downstairs. You see how absurd this is? Car insurance is the same. Paranoid speculation sold to governments to make it mandatory.

Why should I carry a car insurance at all? I am asking. Why shouldn’t I insure myself and my car if I want to? If I don’t and take my car out on the road I know I have no insurance and someone might hit me. My loss. Isn’t it? If the other had insurance on his car, he should get paid by his insurer. If he had not, he eats his own loss too.

That would be fair to all of us and the insurers would beat the door down to get our business with better and better offers.

I think fair is fair and these scammers has to be stopped. Perhaps Jack Straw‘s plan as you can read it here Stop Car car insurance Racket, can do something about these scamming companies.


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