How to install Amazon banners to website

How do you install Amazon banners to a website?

Beginners guide. The first thing you have to do is sign up with Amazon as an associate. Just type into Google or Bing “amazon associates” and click the link. That’ll take you to the amazon site of your choice.
All WYSIWYG website maker programs have – html mode- in their menu somewhere.Amazon operates in different countries and you have to make sure you sign up with the country you want to or else you are not getting comissions.

Meaning. If you had signed up with which is the american amazon site, you will not get paid if you sell something on the England site unless you had signed up with that site too as an associate. If you are installing banners from, the German site, you have to promote items from the German site or else they won’t pay you if something sells.
Meaning, if you are using a WYSIWYG editor like serif or xSitePro or anything else, you need to enter into html mode and paste the code you had copied from amazon, where ever you want it to appear on your website.On the page that comes up next just copy that code into your webpage in -html mode- .Click on one of them and choose the category you are looking for to advertise on your site.

Once you had signed up and signed into your associates account, look at the top of the page where it says “Links & Banners, Widgets, aStore, etc.For signing up, just follow the directions line by line.

Don’t worry about the code you see there. Just put your mouse cursor there somewhere at the end of one of the lines and paste the code.

Now go back to regular WYSIWYG mode and look at the banner and see if it’s in the right place. If not, just highlight it and hit delete.

Go back to HTML mode and do the pasting again and than back to normal mode and see if it’s correct this time.

Very simple once you have it figured out. If your template allows, you can position the amazon banners with a little script which can place them left or right or center, and let the text wrap around the image .

I just use this little script  <div style=”float: right; margin:2px;”>amazon code goes here</div> .

Where it says “amazon code goes here“, just delete that and paste you amazon code there, than highlight the whole thing, copy it and paste it into your website in html mode as explained above. If you want the ads to the left, right or center, just change where it says right, to left, for an example. That way your ad is going to be inside with the text flowing around it.

If you want your amazon banners or ads to be there by themselves, don’t use the script, just paste the amazon code as explained above and they are not going to be wrapped around by the text.



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