SEO Keywords research

Is it important at all?

Is it really needed?  Do website owners need to spend countless hours for researching the keywords they are going to use on their site?

I am not sure it’s needed at all. Why?

Because your articles (all the text you have on your site including testimonials if you have some, product description if you sell something, the information you have) are full of keywords related to the subject of your site.

The most important SEO feature is the domain name of your site. If you have a domain name relating to the subject of your site you are just about guaranteed the first page google spot and probably on the other search engines too.

Why? Because the search engines are all using a relation algorithm. Meaning if a site’s name is related to a search, it must be related to what a person is looking for.  The keywords will be generated by your article which will explain what the site is about, the description of the product or service you have, (the content) and that’s inevitably will relate to the subject of your site.

Try it. Make a new site and give it a name. Write some content and include some pictures if you will, relating to the domain name of your site and publish it in the web.(upload it)

Go to google webmaster central and submit your new site’s sitemap.

Wait a couple of weeks and type in the name of your site. If your text is related to the domain name you’ll be somewhere around the first page. If not, wait another two weeks and you’ll be there. Because the most important feature of a site is it’s domain name.

Now make another new site and name it something and write totally unrelated articles and content to the domain name and do the same procedure. (webmaster central and submit your new site’s sitemap)

Wait a few weeks and your site is not going to be near the first page.

Type in some of the words or sentences your site has, into the search box in google and see if your site comes up. Most likely will somewhere around the frist few pages. Why? Because by this time google had it indexed  into its directory and because the relation algorithm, your site will be included.

There is really no magic to SEO. It is important but not the keywords are the important. The marketing of your site and the domain name is the most important. Once your site becomes popular the domain name doesn’t matter any more (although still the most important) but  because you branded your site, people will relate to it.  See for an example What a branded site. Right? Nothing to do with the amazon river or the amazons, yet people know exactly what it’s all about.

Look at the site not a well known site but it is a well known subject. and although not much info on the site, it’s on the first page of google in the UK because of its domain name. Relation algorithm keeps it on the first page and the subject is also well searched for. There is no marketing for that site was ever done whatsoever, yet it gets hits and people search for the keyword a lot. Go ahead and type it into google  “how to hide acne”  without the quotes and see where is it in your country, or click on some of the links on this page and check them out for their content which is also their keywords.

Any number of words and their combination on your site is a keyword or a keyword string. Whether just one word or several words combined. (also called long tail keyword because consist of several words).

So if you just put some text on your site  all those will become keywords in the eyes of google and the other search engines. The text could be an article, or product description, title of a picture, the text of the  testimonials, even your privacy page or terms of service page or shipping and posting page.

Anything text on your site is a keywo


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